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Today, we present Sébastien Huynh

Conversation with women and men engaged in our foundation. Today, we present Sébastien HUYNH | LinkedIn.

AC: Can you introduce your professional background?
My career has allowed me to develop broad skills in management, finance, and accounting. Having grown up in France, I have had the opportunity to work in many countries.

I like to define myself as a generalist who knows how to rely on experts and navigate in very different environments.

In my current position, I appreciate the diversity of the challenges for which I am responsible and the ability to rely on teams with varied technical and cultural profiles.

AC: What professional achievements are you most proud of?
Working for about fifteen years on infrastructure projects, I enjoy contributing to a multidisciplinary team and being able to appreciate the concrete impact of the constructions in which I have participated.

I have been fortunate to have employers who have always valued my social involvement. Rightly so, as my professional development has greatly benefited from them, especially in my ability to go beyond the numbers.
Sébastien Huynh – 2018 Laureate – Montreal | Ordre des CPA du Québec | Chartered Professional Accountants (

Moreover, I want to highlight the significant donations that Fayolle Canada has made to the foundation for several years.

AC: Tell us about your involvement with Ataxie Canada
Having joined the foundation in 2016 as a board member, I have had the privilege of being president since 2020.
Having a personal connection to Ataxia, it was important for me to be able to contribute in my own way to the life of Ataxie Canada. Using my management skills, I try to contribute to the structuring of the foundation to increase its visibility and help it achieve its goals.

AC: What do you wish to accomplish with Ataxie Canada?
In its particularities, Ataxie Canada serves a cause that has a lot of opportunities ahead. I am particularly pleased with the numerous partnerships we have established in recent years: scientific (we have a record number of researchers that we fund), institutional (CIHR, Génome Québec…) and foreign foundations (FARA, NAF, AFAF…). I want to continue to expand the community sensitive to our mission, especially businesses, convinced that they can also benefit from what we are undertaking.”

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