The ATAXIA CHALLENGE will take place on Saturday, August 13th, 2023 in Chambly, at the Parc des Ateliers in collaboration with Parks Canada. It is an opportunity to do your part. Because moving together is to advance research together!


It’s finally the return of the Ataxia Challenge following the health measures of the past few years! We want to come back strong, and we are organizing a special event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation. To mark this anniversary, the challenge will be to take turns with team’s relay to complete 50 laps of an athletics track. 50 laps is 20 km! But with several teams and participants we can do it together!

Ataxia Canada – Claude-St-Jean Foundation is first and foremost a community of women, men, adults, teenagers, and children suffering from a hundred forms of ataxia, in all corners of the country.

Ataxia Canada is 50 years of substantial progress and small resolute steps towards the implementation of programs to better the quality of life of ataxic patients.

Ataxia Canada is also 50 years of steady scientific advances towards a cure through research and clinical trials conducted by seasoned researchers of international renown from here and abroad.

Ataxia Canada needs its ambassadors, volunteers, donors, and organizers. To support the ataxic community in an inspiring way because science advances, technologies progress, and life is stronger than anything.

Join, encourage or create a team




Join, encourage or create a team

Your registration fee for the event covers only expenses incurred by the foundation to welcome you to the site and includes  a snack, a dinner, an alcoholic beverage (or not), animation and musical performances !

For a team of 5 people, your fundraising goal should be around $ 500 plus $ 100 more per additional participant. Individual participants can register and donate $ 30 or more!

Walk Details

Walk is 2km  ( 5 laps )Start time of the walk: 10:00 AM ( depending on team)

  • Free for children under 3
  •  3 to 14 years old: 10$ 
  • 15 years old and over: 20$


Create or participate in a fundraiser! It’s easy!

À la suite de votre inscription à l’évènement, vous pouvez, par notre plateforme, joindre ou créer une équipe. Une page de collecte de fonds seras automatiquement créer et peut facilement être envoyée par courriel et médias sociaux à votre famille, vos collègues et amis. Nous voulons faire une différence dans la vie de ces jeunes atteints d’une maladie neuromusculaire dégénérative et nous avons besoin de vous !