Financial Support Program

This program exists to improve the well-being of people who have been diagnosed with ataxia by helping to fund the purchase of technical aids, adaptations, equipment, and other services that will be beneficial to their condition.

How the program works

Ataxia Canada will partner with your crowdfunding efforts by matching the donations that you receive to a maximum of $5,000 (for a total $10,000). With our online platform you can easily collect donations and manage your social media campaign. We believe this is a great way to connect potential donors to your needs and to the mission of Ataxia Canada.


To begin your fundraiser we will need you to provide the following documents:

  • A completed registration form (available at the bottom of this web page).
  • A letter from a healthcare professional (a doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or similar) certifying a diagnosis of familial ataxia and confirming the benefits of the project to you.
  • A quote for the cost of the project (a letter may be required from your insurance company or similar organizations to demonstrate that the amount is not covered, fully or partially, by their institution (if a portion is, we will work with you to support what is not covered).
  • A letter of introduction so that we can get to know you and how this project will help you.
  • A picture of you.
  • Your agreement authorizing us to share your information online (website and social media) in order to engage donors. Only your name, photo and project will be used. You can also choose to do a private fundraiser.

Path to A Successful Fundraiser

  • Once we have received the completed registration form and the required supporting documents we will review your application and confirm the acceptance or rejection of this project (based on the criteria listed on this page and it’s fit with our mission).
  • Upon acceptance, a fundraising page will go live and we will help you promote it on social media (if it’s a public campaign).
  • Upon completion of your project, payment to the supplier will be made by Ataxia Canada.

Please Note

After a project is approved, we will allocate up to 2 months for receiving donations. When 80% of the target amount has been reached the project will remain open for 2 weeks to allow final donations to come in, but also to ensure that you receive the help you need as soon as possible! If you exceed your donation goals the grant amount will be reduced so as not to exceed the cost of your chosen project, and if there are still additional funds then they will be used to finance other projects. We will also consider approving small projects of $500 or less and fully covering them. All donations are in Canadian Dollars and a tax receipt will be issued for all donations over $20. Please note that certain types of projects will not be approved, including: travel, vacations, conferences, special equipment without scientific consensus (such as hyperbaric chambers), and anything that is potentially harmful (for example, experimental treatments abroad).

We look forward to working with you towards your goals. To ask questions, gather support or simply get information regarding our Financial Support Program please call us at 514-321-8684  ,toll free at 1-855-321-8684 or email at





“The financial support program allowed me to acquire a bicycle adapted to my condition. I feel privileged to be able to benefit from such support and to cycle with my family at various events.”
Raphaël , Granby, Québec


“Having a degenerative disease means that we have to constantly adapt and that becomes expensive. I would like to thank the foundation because without its help I would not have been able to buy my scooter.”
Kim, Mandeville, Québec



“The power tie down is in and it was the last thing I needed in my adapted van for my complete autonomy and liberty. Ataxia Canada is a huge piece of financial support that would not have happened without their generosity and moral support. I am forever grateful and blessed by Ataxia Canada and I am so thankful for what they have done for myself and my family.”
Matthew , Calgary, Alberta



“Thanks to the programs, I was able to expand the physical activities that I can practice such as therapeutic riding and hockey. Thank you”

Karine , Laval Québec



“This program allows us to flourish. Thanks to donors and the Foundation, I was able to get an electric tricycle so I can finally ride a bike with my daughter !! What a joy and fulfillment to know that I can still have fun with my daughter despite my illness!

Jessica ,Bécancour, Québec