Ataxia Canada – Claude-St-Jean Foundation is first and foremost a community of women, men, adults, teenagers, and children suffering from a hundred forms of ataxia, in all corners of the country.

The Ataxia Canada – Claude St-Jean Foundation’s mission is to improve the well-being of people with familial ataxia and to support research. Ataxia is a degenerative neuromuscular disease that affects hundreds of young people in Quebec and Canada and  is incurable to date.

Ataxia Canada is 50 years of ataxic experiences, inspiring people for all of us, because they bite into life despite the daily struggles. It is a series of stories lived by ataxic people to defy time, the progression of the disease, to adapt to it, to live.

In recent years, we have set up programs that require increasing funding.


Ataxia Canada is 50 years of constant scientific advances towards a treatment. The Foundation also supports research through partnerships with other foundations, organizations, companies or governments.

The goal is to continue to fund or attract clinical trials in Canada to benefit people with potential treatments that are in development. In 2021, a group at the CHUM and Sainte-Justine will measure the effectiveness of a molecule in slowing the progression of the disease; a first clinical trial of this type in Canada for 15 years!

Ataxia Canada is 50 years of substantial progress and small resolute steps towards the implementation of our programs improving the quality of life of ataxic patients. Our financial support program is an innovative crowdfunding program that encourages our families in need to appeal to their friends, families, colleagues to help them finance equipment and services that are not covered by our health systems. The Foundation matches each donations  up to $5,000.

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