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Research grant 2020

Since its inception, the Ataxia Canada Foundation has had the mission of supporting research to contribute to the development of therapies targeting both the causes and the effects of different forms of ataxia. The pursuit of this objective is still very much alive within the administration and the members of the Foundation.

Research funded by Ataxia Canada

Ataxia Canada funds relevant research where ataxia is the primary symptom and is genetic (recessive, dominant) and progressive in nature. This includes conditions such as Friedreich ‘s ataxia (FA) , Beauce’s ataxia (SCAR8, ARCA1) , spinocerebellar ataxias (SCA), ataxias with oculomotor apraxia (AOA1-4) , episodic ataxias and other cerebellar ataxias.

Academic researchers, academic institutions, private research companies, research centers of the health network, qualified persons or collaborative groups formed from these combinations are eligible for funding.

Research priorities

  • Advancing the understanding of neuroscience
  • Advancing the understanding of cardiac involvement in FA
  • Advance drug discovery and develop effective therapies.
  • Facilitate the process of drug development and translational research
  • Advance research in collaboration with patients

Grant application rules and guidelines

Research grant application form

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