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Antoine Gervais; volunteer fundraising committee

Today, we introduce you to Antoine Gervais, Development Coordinator, Nature Conservancy of Canada.

AC: Can you present your professional background?

AG: I have a background that could be considered atypical, since it takes place in several disciplines and above all reflects my passions: culture, hospitality and, now, social involvement through philanthropy.

AC: What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

AG: Difficult to isolate them, they are very varied … I consider myself extremely privileged to have been able to sing opera, to guide groups in three languages ​​across the country and, now, to be able to raise funds for it. environment – always with the same energy that drives me for music or human relations in general.

AC: Tell us about your involvement with Ataxia Canada

AG: I support the development committee in terms of their philanthropic development orientations and related communication material.

AC: What do you want to accomplish with Ataxia Canada?

AG: When you are interested in Ataxia, it is difficult to remain insensitive to the cause. This is in line with the foundation’s raison d’être: to improve the lot of patients and families struggling with this condition. I think that there is great potential to be realized in terms of the outreach and funding of the foundation’s initiatives, for the benefit of all those concerned. I am happy to contribute, if possible.

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