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  • Presentation of Dominique Ruiz-Courcelle

    Hello, I will start by introducing myself : Dominique Ruiz-Courcelle, 50% Québécoise , 50% Salvadorian , 24 years old, speaks French, English and Spanish, lives in Gatineau, likes traveling, cinema, traveling , series , traveling, reading, traveling,...

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    NOTICE OF VACANCIES TO THE ATAXIA CANADA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Posted on: 2019-10-01 – Posted by: Ataxia Canada – Category: publications – Deadline: October 30th,...

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  • Research grant 2020

    Since its inception, the Ataxia Canada Foundation has had the mission of supporting research to contribute to the development of therapies targeting both the causes and the effects of...

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  • The Struggle is Real: Isolation

    Covid-19. It has taken hold of our world and thrown our lives into chaos. Over night school stopped, sports weren’t running, some jobs shut down...

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