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Dear members,

You are cordially invited to the annual general assembly of the members of Ataxia Canada-Claude St-Jean Foundation. The meeting will be held in Montreal at the Centre for Sustainable Development located at 50 Sainte-Catherine street west, 2nd Floor on Sunday November 18th, 2018 at 1PM.

This assembly will give you the opportunity to exercise your vote, inform yourself of our financial statements and our ongoing efforts and scientific endeavors.

We thank you for confirming your presence and we invite you to RSVP

by contacting us at:

Solange Lavoie Guillemette



  1. Opening of meeting and welcome statement.
  2. Roll Call and confirmation of quorum.
  3. Nomination of assembly president and secretary.
  4. Reading and adoption of the agenda.
  5. Reading and approval of the minutes of the last general meeting on November 19th, 2017.
  6. Presentation of financial statements by the auditors: firm LRP.
  7. Presentation and acceptance of budgetary forecast for 2018-2019.
  8. Nomination of financial auditors for 2018-2019.
  9. Modification of the foundation’s status and rules.
  10. Presentation of the strategic plan 2018-2019.
  11. Presentations from Doctor Jacques Tremblay and Doctor Antoine Duquette
  12. Words from the president and activity report
  13. Words from the Director and activity report
  14.  Reading of the Notice of Nominations
  15. Report and Recommendation of the Nominating Committee.
  16. Election of new directors.
  17. Recognition of volunteer members and staff.
  18. Questions period.
  19. Closing of the general assembly.

After the General Assembly , you are invited to a light lunch and social gathering.

Solange Lavoie Guillemette, Secretary


We ask you to submit your comments ten (10) days before the general meeting.

MISSION We want to enhance the importance of service to patients and caretakers and have it reflected in our mission. Our new service offering will be presented to you during the annual meeting. We want also everybody to easily remember our mission: IMPROVE THE WELL BEING OF PEOPLE SUFFERING OF FAMILY ATAXIAS AND SUPPORT RESEARCH.

MEMBERSHIP(chapter 2 ) We want to enhance the reach of our network : any person suffering from Ataxia will only have to contact us to become member of the foundation at no cost. Any person who gave an annual amount of 20$ will automatically become a member. This change will allow an easier management of our data bank Anybody who will fit this new definition will have the right of vote.

The various articles of chapter 2 have been modified to fit this new definition

SECTIONS In our efforts to extend our network throughout Canada, we believe that we will need to facilitate the creation of sections representing various regions. We have lightened the administration rules managing the sections; they will have to produce to the board ,a report of their activities once a year. The board will have the power to dissolve a section if it believe it is necessary.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS(chapter 4 ) To ease the recruiting of new board members, the selection committee will be made of the President, one member of the executive committee and one director of the board. The applications will no longer need 2 signatures of members

POWER AND DUTY OF THE BOARD Because of the change of definition of members, the board will no longer receive membership request nor determine membership fees

RULE NUMBER TWO Since the foundation does not possess any building, it will not be possible to mortgage a building or make a mortgage.


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