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L’Eldorado November 2015, No 30, Vol. 2


Information, awareness, communication and action

Eldorado – novembre 2015_Couverture

Eldorado, our association’s bulletin has been around for more than 40 years. It is a recognized paper publication which is filed at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada  and is also published in electronic format. It is a unique paper which reports research on hereditary ataxias right here and from around the world. Eldorado is furthermore the voice of people living with ataxia.

 In the modern era, the dematerialization of information is an immediate advantage as well as a long term threat. Daily information, and both technical and general knowledge have become more easily accessible and diffusible. On the other hand, nothing guarantees that that which is technically accessible today will be there tomorrow. What will be preserved of all this electronic information? We’re buried in information and often we ourselves struggle to sort through and determine what we need to retain or not.

 Information has become in itself an event and a spectacle.

 In this  constantly changing, turbulent media environment, Ataxia Canada – Claude St-Jean Foundation must circulate it’s message and assert itself. We believe that with more information on ataxies, better awareness of this reality among the population, a solid media presence resting on concrete actions and real achievements, we could include ourselves in this world of rapid evolution.

Jean Phénix

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