Registration required: via Paypal or check (the captain of your team can take care of it for you, but it must ensure that all your information is well encoded). If you send us a check, we need your first name, your last name and the desired size for your shirt.

The registration fee is $ 100 per team of 5 people.

Your registration includes a 2017 shirt, a snack, a lunch, an alcoholic beverage (or not), musical and other entertainment, unexpected encounters and new friendships.



Free for children under 3

3 to 14 years old: 10$

15 years old and over: 20$

Adult :


Important note:

It is preferable that you register before the day of the event so that we can have the discounted quantities for meals,  snacks, etc. However, if you want to register on the day of the event, it will be possible to do so from 9:15 AM on Saturday, August 19, 2017. Please note that we must receive the size of the shirts by June 30 to be sure to get the desired size (the shirts will be identified with your name). If you give the size after this date, we can not assure you that it will be available. If you hesitate about the size, you should take for a larger shirt since they are made small.


Conditions of participation:

You can choose how you want to participate:

A. Team participation:

Form a team of 5 or more. Sign up individually via Paypal and organize your fundraising campaign via our online platform. If you want to raise funds without going through our platform, write to us ( with full details of your members and we will send you a letter of authorization.

The team is committed to raise a minimum of $500 in donations.

Anyone joining a team will have to pay the $20 registration fee, plus $75 in additional donations.

The team can organize fundraising activities to achieve its financial objective. However, she must inform Ataxia Canada before they are held.

Team Formation:

Before registering as a team captain, it is important to have the following information in hand:

  1. Name of your team
  2. Financial objective for your team

B. Individual participation:

A single person can register by paying a minimum of $50 ($20 for the registration fee and $ 30 for donations.

C. Support a team:

Make a donation on behalf of your favorite team. Each donation of $20 or more will be eligible for a tax receipt if the Foundation has the full contact information of the donor at the time of the donation. Please use the donation collection form if you do not make your donation via our online platform.

D. Apply for sponsorship:

Solicit sponsorship in cash or material goods.


Fundraising organization

A. Online donations (virtual platform)

You want to create your team so that your friends can support you in your fundraiser? Click here!

B. Cash donations:

Donation Form:

Use the form for cash or check donations only. In the Identification section, provide your name and contact information. If you are under 18 years of age, an adult person must sign for you.

In the Donations section, write clearly the donor's last name, first name and mailing address. As soon as the form is completed, enter the total in the appropriate box.

All checks must be made payable to Ataxie Canada.

NOTE: Checks have an expiration date. It is best to send checks to Ataxia Canada as soon as possible.

Donations by promise:

If people can not make an immediate donation, encourage them to donate by promise. In this case, a check payable to Ataxia Canada must be mailed to PO Box 55044 FAIRMOUNT, Montreal, QC, H2T 3E2.

Enter donations by promise on a separate form. Provide the name and contact information of the person being solicited.

C. Remittance of money collected:

To facilitate and speed up the calculation of money on the day of the event, send the collected donations and completed forms to the Ataxia Canada office at least one week prior to the event.

For those who register late, you can also give us donations and completed forms on the day of the event, when you check in at the registration desk.

To simplify the handling of cash, you can cash it into your account and make a check in your name to Ataxia Canada.

D. Tax receipts:

A tax receipt will be issued for an amount of $20 or more.

The donor's last name, first name and mailing address must be clearly written on the donation form.

NOTE: If a donor's address is incomplete or illegible, we will not be able to provide a receipt.


Help Ataxia Canada organize this event by donating money or material goods.

You can consult the visibility plan offered by Ataxia Canada (see document to download).

A tax receipt will be issued for any amount of money, as well as for gifts of material goods. No tax receipts can be issued for cards or gift certificates.

For more information, please contact Ataxia Canada by phone at 514-321-8684 or by email at