To improve the well-being of people living with ataxia and to eradicate the disease.


To bring people living with an ataxia together, as well as the community of interest, in order to promote and protect the ataxic persons, improve their well-being and ultimately eradicate their disease.


  • To provide an association for people suffering from familial ataxias and those working with the disease, either as immediate caregivers or as health professionals and researchers.
  • To make health professionals, political decision-makers and the population in general aware of the disease and of its impact on the physical and psychological health of the victims as well as on the professional and financial aspects of their lives.
  • To promote, protect and develop the economic, social, professional and recreational interests of ataxic persons.
  • To advance research on familial ataxias in order to fight their causes and their effects.
  • To inform the members and the partners in activities relating to familial ataxias (research, publications, activities, etc.) by editing a magazine.
  • To organize and hold conferences, meetings, and exhibitions for information purposes.
  • To generate funds by means of fundraising campaigns, activities, voluntary subscriptions, requests for grants, shares and legacies, in order to realize the goals of the Association.


Respect and an open ear

We listen closely to every call and every request for help or information. We always treat everyone with respect, whether it be an employee, a volunteer, a member, etc.

Dedication and determination

Dedication to the cause and determination are, for us, synonymous with optimism and perseverance. We firmly believe that these qualities guide us towards our goal – defeating familial ataxias.

Responsibility and integrity

We are committed to acting with objectivity, independence, and transparency. To maintain the credibility of the Association, each year we produce audited financial statements (available on request).