Western Branch represents Ataxia Canada in the western provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC and promotes membership and directs funds to research through Ataxia Canada to ultimately discover and support treatments for a variety of types of ataxia.

We work to raise awareness about ataxia, clarify information about the types of ataxias and about Ataxia Canada to the western audience, primarily in English. With English-only web pages (housed on the Ataxia Canada’s website), we will reach out to those living with ataxia in the west with information, guidance and understanding.

While we do not presently have a support group we are happy to refer people with ataxia in Western Canada to local support groups.


Western Branch’s mission is to provide information and resources to people with ataxia where they live and to continue to fund the best possible research. Supporters can now feel confident knowing research dollars will go to projects screened by an official national organization and be eligible for a Canadian tax receipt.


Shannon Conors
President of BC Ataxia Society