Gabrielle Angiolelli

Gabrielle Megan Angiolelli, has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a specialization in Actuarial Science. She was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia at the age of 13. Gabrielle enjoys training on her bike, listening to music and cooking. She has graduated university as a fulltime student while completing many actuarial exams and volunteers for FARA as a FARA ambassador. She participated in many activities for and ataxia research and FARA such as ride ataxia, FARA symposiums where she has been a guest speaker a few years ago and has participated in a few clinical trials some in Philadelphia and one in Hamilton Ontario. Gabrielle now comes to the office and is working on administrative tasks. Her main project is to create a financial assistance programme to help people just like her. She is uniquely qualified, inquisitive and a great team player. We are happy that she is part of the team!